WaterImp, the home of cost-effective hard water solutions to get rid of limescale

WaterImps are the cost-effective alternative to water softeners!

Do you want to get rid of the limescale in your home or business once and for all? Without the cost and faff of fitting a water softener? Tired of spending a fortune on limescale removers? Our electronic water conditioners are for you. Prices start from just £95.

Our small but powerful WaterImp changes the limescale compounds so they no longer clump together to form limescale. They’re easy to fit and cheap to run.

Our powerful alternative to water softeners use an electromagnetic field to make the magic happen. And it’s all been tested by Bath University.

Buy with total confidence today:
Pipe in our Bath University trial with no WaterImp alternative to water softeners fitted showing limescale build up

Limescale build up after just 30 days with no WaterImp fitted

This pipe, with the WaterImp alternative to water softeners fitted, is clear of limescale build up!

No limescale build up with a WaterImp fitted

There's a WaterImp electronic water conditioner, alternative to water softeners, to tackle limescale and hard water in every home and business

There’s a WaterImp for your home and business

We have a WaterImp for your home – no matter how big or small – AND your business – prices start from just £95 (including delivery) with an approximate running cost of JUST £5 a year.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Choose the right WaterImp for you based on the size of your home

2. Fit it quickly & easily yourself – no plumber or maintenance required

3. Say goodbye to your hard water problems and start saving money!

What our customers say

"Over 20 years ago my mother bought a Water Imp for herself and for me. Over the years I had reason to ring for advice which always resulted in my Imp continuing to work. Sadly today my Imp has passed away and has to be replaced by another one, I would like to say that in this throw away world we live in that I consider this to be pretty amazing, and of course would recomend the product.
Hopefully my new Imp will be as successful!!"
SA Wendover, UK

"I have had my water imp now for about three weeks and from the first day it has worked great. My hand soap now suds as well. In a few short words I would recommend highly."
GL, Cathedral City, CA, USA

"We wanted to update you on the two water conditioners. They are doing a fantastic job. They were installed around the second week in December and we didn't tell anyone. The family noticed the change within the first week!.... Simply amazing and simple."