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Lovely clean bathroom that is free of limescale

The benefits of using the alternative to water softeners

There are many benefits to our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioners from savings to low running costs to an eco-friendly way to remove limescale from your home.

Lovely clean bathroom that is free of limescale

Low running costs

Running costs are just £5 a year. Make a small investment todayprices start from £95 – and say goodbye to limescale and your hard water problems for good.

No maintenance

Our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner rangewill tackle your hard water problems without the need for salt or any other maintenance.

No separate drinking tap needed

Unlike traditional salt-based water softeners, fitting our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner, means you won’t need a separate drinking tap and you’ll have ‘happy water” that doesn’t leave limescale deposits all over your home.  The added bonus is you still get all the minerals in your water and all the health benefits that come with them.

Reduces cleaning time & costs

No need to buy all those expensive limescale removal and cleaning products, which means less cost to you and no fewer chemicals in your home!


Whether you are considering a water softener or using traditional limescale removing cleaning products, the environmental impacts are well documented. Our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner range offers the chance to easily remove and clean the limescale in your home whilst having a minimal impact on the environment. Plus our WaterImps have been known to last 20+ years so it really is a sound eco-friendly choice.

Find out more here and select the right WaterImp for your home or business.

1. Choose the right WaterImp for your home

Choose your WaterImp based on the size of your home

2. Fit it quickly & easily yourself


3. Say goodbye to your hard water problems and save money!