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It’s a happy birthday to us and a big saving for you!

We’ve got some exciting news! We’re celebrating 25 years of bringing happy water to all our lovely customers around the world and we are offering a whopping 25% discount of all our electronic water conditioners until the end of 2019.

WaterImp Limited was set up in 1994 by Sidney O’Connor, who some of our longstanding customers will no doubt remember if they ever phoned the office (yes we do have plenty of water conditioners still going strong from back then!).

Sidney – Sid to his friends, Grampa to his family – ran the business well into his 80s and was passionate about good customer service and loved nothing more than speaking to customers on the phone. In fact, he loved talking to pretty much anyone, and always had a joke or three to share.

Late in 1994 Sid came across the idea for the original WaterImp. He immediately saw the opportunity for this small but powerful device to help households and businesses around the world. People in all parts of the world suffer from hard water and this was the way to tackle the expensive and unsightly problems.

If you live in a hard water area you know exactly what we’re talking about – unsightly marks and stains in sinks and baths, the scale in your kettle and the unseen expense of limescale build up on your appliances and in your heating system.

Traditional water softeners do a great job but are expensive to buy, and costly to the environment, plus they need a professional to fit them and have ongoing running costs. The WaterImp range offers a cost-effective solution that you can fit yourself and is within the reach of many more people and businesses.

Sid was proud of his WaterImp range and the double guarantee that meant his customers could buy in complete confidence. Not only is every WaterImp guaranteed for 5 years, but there’s also a 6-month money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. We’re proud as the second and third generations in the business, to continue to offer that double guarantee, although we rarely have any customers come back on either!

We continue to be a family run business with our amazing customers at the heart of everything we do. And we genuinely do a happy dance every time an order comes through!

To benefit from our birthday celebrations, enter code HAPPY25 to get 25% off any of our electronic water conditioners.

1. Choose the right WaterImp for your home

Choose your WaterImp based on the size of your home

2. Fit it quickly & easily yourself


3. Say goodbye to your hard water problems and save money!


What our customers say

Simply amazing

“We wanted to update you on the two water conditioners. They are doing a fantastic job. They were installed around the second week in December and we didn’t tell anyone. The family noticed the change within the first week!…. Simply amazing and simple.”


Still going strong!

“Greetings from Austria! Can’t remember how long ago we bought our unit, but it’s still in use!”

Roy, Austria

I would highly recommend

“I have had my water imp now for about three weeks and from the first day it has worked great. My hand soap now suds as well. In a few short words I would recommend highly.”

GL, Cathedral City, US

Running for over 20 years

“Over 20 years ago my mother bought a Water Imp for herself and for me. Over the years I had reason to ring for advice which always resulted in my Imp continuing to work. Sadly today my Imp has passed away and has to be replaced by another one, I would like to say that in this throwaway world we live in that I consider this to be pretty amazing, and of course, would recommend the product.

SA, Wendover, UK