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Lovely clean bathroom that is free of limescale

The benefits of using the alternative to water softeners

There are many benefits to our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioners from savings to low running costs to an eco-friendly way to remove limescale from your home.

Lovely clean bathroom that is free of limescale

Low running costs

Running costs are just £5 a year. Make a small investment todayprices start from £95 – and say goodbye to limescale and your hard water problems for good.

No maintenance

Our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner rangewill tackle your hard water problems without the need for salt or any other maintenance.

No separate drinking tap needed

Unlike traditional salt-based water softeners, fitting our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner, means you won’t need a separate drinking tap and you’ll have ‘happy water” that doesn’t leave limescale deposits all over your home.  The added bonus is you still get all the minerals in your water and all the health benefits that come with them.

Reduces cleaning time & costs

No need to buy all those expensive limescale removal and cleaning products, which means less cost to you and no fewer chemicals in your home!


Whether you are considering a water softener or using traditional limescale removing cleaning products, the environmental impacts are well documented. Our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner range offers the chance to easily remove and clean the limescale in your home whilst having a minimal impact on the environment. Plus our WaterImps have been known to last 20+ years so it really is a sound eco-friendly choice.

Find out more here and select the right WaterImp for your home or business.

Our range of water softener alternatives to tackle limescale

Welcome to WaterImp – the home of electronic water conditioners!

Here at WaterImp HQ we are very excited to welcome you to our new super-duper website! Ta-dah!

And not only have we got a new website, and new branding, but we’ve also got our new updated range of WaterImp water conditioners, AND we have some exciting new products joining the line up!

New updated range of WaterImp electronic water conditioners

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible products to tackle your hard water problems and be THE alternative to water softeners.  So we’ve been busy updating our range to ensure they are even more effective than when they were tested by the University of Bath.

Our family of WaterImps now looks like this:

Our range of water softener alternatives to tackle limescale

If you’re tired of the limescale build up round your taps and limescale deposits on your sinks and glassware, as well as worried about what all that limescale will be doing to your appliances and your boiler (and your energy bill) then now is the time to try out a WaterImp.  They are super easy to fit (no plumber required), no maintenance needed (fit and forget) and the running costs are minimal. No need for a traditional salt-based water conditioner, or for any more expensive limescale removing cleaning products – our small but powerful WaterImps will rid your whole house of limescale.  If you want to find out more about how they work, find out more here.

And it’s now even easier to work out which of our electronic water conditioners you need to tackle the limescale and hard water problems in your home or business, with our handy little guide:  

Our range of waterimp conditioners will tackle limescale without the need for limescale cleaners or water softeners.

And if you’re not sure which one is right for you, drop us a line or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

We offer an amazing double guarantee: try any WaterImp for 190 days and if it doesn’t work for you (in some rare cases some people find it doesn’t work for them), send it back to us and we will provide a full refund, plus all our units come with a five year guarantee.

So give a WaterImp a home today, and get rid of your hard water problems straight away.

New Products! Shower Filters!

We’re going to be adding some exciting new products to complement our lovely WaterImp water conditioners and we’re starting with shower filters.  These fit easily on to your shower and help reduce the levels of chlorine and heavy metals in your water.  This means an even cleaner and more refreshing shower and no more swimming-pool-smell after you’ve showered.  A bargain at only £21, they are the perfect addition to your bathroom.

We hope you like our new products and website – we’d love to hear what you think so do get in touch!