Meet the WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner


Electronic water conditionerThis small but powerful unit is THE alternative to traditional water softeners and THE solution to your hard water problems.

Hard water isn’t bad for us – studies suggest it might even be good for us due to the high levels of minerals – but it does cause problems in the home and costs you money.  This is because the lovely minerals have a tendency to stick to each other and collect in your pipes, appliances, on your draining board, in your kettle etc – you’ll recognise these deposits as limescale.  

The WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner is the answer to these problems but without the cost, the faff or the environmental impacts of traditional water softeners or limescale cleaners! 


How does the WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner solve your limescale problems? It creates a strong electromagnetic field which changes the way the limescale compounds form in your water. This means that instead of creating large crystals which stick to every surface, they form small crystals which flow on through the water


This means NO more limescale deposits – the ones you can see round your
sinks and taps, and the ones you can’t in your heating system and appliances that cause inefficiency and costly repairs!

limescale pipe For example, when limescale coats the heating elements in your washing machine and other appliances it costs you more money as you have to heat the limescale before you can even begin heating the water, and limescale is a great insulator…

Research by the University of Plymouth found that a boiler with no limescale took 90 minutes a day to supply the average home’s hot water, while a boiler with 5mm of scale took over twice as long to supply the hot water required, at more than four hours. With 10mm of scale, this rose to four times as long at more than six hours, adding hundreds of pounds to a household’s annual gas bill.


Our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner will tackle your hard water problems without the need for salt or any other maintenance – running costs are just £5 a year.  Make a small investment todayprices start from £95 – and say goodbye to limescale and your hard water problems for good. clean sink

This means:-

  • Less time spent cleaning
  • Less money on cleaning products
  • Money saved on energy bills
  • Added protection for your heating system and appliances
  • No salt refills or maintenance
  • Nicer tasting tea and coffee…




limescale free waterUnlike traditional salt water softeners, fitting our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner, means you won’t need a separate drinking tap but what you will have is ‘Happy Water” that doesn’t leave limescale deposits all over your home.  The added bonus is you still get all the minerals in your water and all the health benefits that come with them. 




How do we know it works?

Recent research shows that the electromagnetic treatment of water can reduce calcium carbonate scale formation by up to 80%. We also asked the University of Bath to conduct some tests on our units; they set up a trial to evaluate whether or not our WaterImp Original could reduce the level of scale formation within a domestic hot water heating system. They set up one heating system with the WaterImp Original and one system without.  The pictures below show a piece of pipe from the system without the WaterImp Original and a piece from the system with the WaterImp Original fitted.  The difference is clear – after only 30 days a significant amount of scale had formed in the system without the WaterImp Original, whereas the system with the WaterImp Original fitted looked the same as it did at the start of the trial. Read more here


non limescale pipe

With the WaterImp fitted

scaled pipe

With no WaterImp fitted

What our customers say

"Over 20 years ago my mother bought a Water Imp for herself and for me. Over the years I had reason to ring for advice which always resulted in my Imp continuing to work. Sadly today my Imp has passed away and has to be replaced by another one, I would like to say that in this throw away world we live in that I consider this to be pretty amazing, and of course would recomend the product.
Hopefully my new Imp will be as successful!!"
SA Wendover, UK

"I have had my water imp now for about three weeks and from the first day it has worked great. My hand soap now suds as well. In a few short words I would recommend highly."
GL, Cathedral City, CA, USA

"We wanted to update you on the two water conditioners. They are doing a fantastic job. They were installed around the second week in December and we didn't tell anyone. The family noticed the change within the first week!.... Simply amazing and simple."