What is Hard Water ?

What is hard water? 

In very simple terms it’s when you have a higher amount of minerals salts (such as calcium and /or magnesium carbonate etc) in your water.

So why is this a problem?  Firstly. we should say that these minerals are NOT bad for you – in fact we all need calcium and magnesium in our diets.  How ever , the high levels of minerals mean you water leaves those classic white limescale staines on daring boards, shower screens, glasses, plus deposits where you can’t see them- water tank, heating system etc. 

This means it’s more expensive to heat your water as you have to heat the limescale first and spend more  money and time on cleaning those pesky stains off (or just get really annoyed looking at them).

Hard water affects over 60% of the UK and many other countries around the world. 

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