What is Hard Water ?

Minerals that make up hard water and create limescale

In very simple terms it’s when you have a higher amount of minerals salts (such as calcium and /or magnesium carbonate etc) in your water.

So why is this a problem?  Firstly. we should say that these minerals are NOT bad for you – in fact we all need calcium and magnesium in our diets.  How ever , the high levels of minerals mean you water leaves those classic white limescale staines on daring boards, shower screens, glasses, plus deposits where you can’t see them- water tank, heating system etc.

This means it’s more expensive to heat your water as you have to heat the limescale first and spend more  money and time on cleaning those pesky stains off (or just get really annoyed looking at them).

Hard water affects over 60% of the UK and many other countries around the world. You can find a hard water map of the country to see how hard the water is in your area.

Hard water isn’t bad but it is a pain!

Hard water is the cause of limescale, but it isn’t bad for us. In fact, some studies suggest it might even be good for us due to the high levels of minerals. However, it does cause problems in the home which can cost you money.

All those lovely minerals have a tendency to stick to each other. As a result, they collect in your pipes, appliances, on your draining board, in your kettle etc. You’ll recognise this as limescale.

Our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner range is the answer to saying goodbye to limescale in your home. And with none of the cost, the faff, or the environmental impacts of traditional water softeners or limescale cleaners.

Limescale costs you money

the effect of limescale on a washing machineLimescale coats the heating elements in your appliances and costs you money. This means that before you can even heat the water in your dishwasher, boiler or washing machine, you have to heat the limescale. And limescale is a great insulator…

Do you know how much scale is on the heating element of your appliances?

Research by the University of Plymouth found that a boiler with:

      • no scale took 2 hours to supply the hot water required for the average home
      • just 5mm of scale took over 2x as long at more than 4 hours.
      • 10mm of scale took four times as long at 8 hours

And all that extra heating adds up on your heating bill…

So, if you want to start saving money today, check out our range of WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioners.

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What our customers say

Still going strong!

“Greetings from Austria! Can’t remember how long ago we bought our unit, but it’s still in use!”

Roy, Austria

Running for over 20 years

“Over 20 years ago my mother bought a Water Imp for herself and for me. Over the years I had reason to ring for advice which always resulted in my Imp continuing to work. Sadly today my Imp has passed away and has to be replaced by another one, I would like to say that in this throwaway world we live in that I consider this to be pretty amazing, and of course, would recommend the product.

SA, Wendover, UK

Simply amazing

“We wanted to update you on the two water conditioners. They are doing a fantastic job. They were installed around the second week in December and we didn’t tell anyone. The family noticed the change within the first week!…. Simply amazing and simple.”


I would highly recommend

“I have had my water imp now for about three weeks and from the first day it has worked great. My hand soap now suds as well. In a few short words I would recommend highly.”

GL, Cathedral City, US